4 Easy Steps to Keep the Mice Away

4 Easy Steps to Keep the Mice Away

With the winter upon us, most people want to avoid the cold as much as possible. Unfortunately, when it comes to staying indoors, mice feel the same way you do. Below you’ll find 4 quick and easy tips to keep those rodents from bunking with you this winter.

1. Block Up Holes in Walls

Mice can’t live where they can’t get in.  Patch any holes in the interior walls first. If there are mice already in your home, this will give them a way out. Beyond that, find the places in your home any mice might be occupying and focus your energy there. Seal the entryways, and after a couple of days, look for evidence of mouse activity. Once you find none, close up the exterior holes.

2. Keep Your Home Clean

If there’s nothing for the mice to eat, they’ll be less likely to hang around. Keep food stored properly and in airtight containers. Do this and it will help your home be free from mice .

3. Keep Trash Away from the House

Ever hear of the “3 Blind Mice”?  There’s a lot of truth to that saying because mice do not see very well but their sense of smell is very keen and they love garbage. If garbage is near your home, it’s more likely mice will become your neighbors and eventually move in.

4. Remove Brush/Leaf Piles

Another place mice like to congregate is brush and leaf piles.  Be sure to remove any brush or leaf piles from your yard especially if they are close to the house.

Follow these easy steps to avoid a plague of mice. If you need help getting rid of mice, give us a call @ (918) 852-3099 or email us @ jimmy@jimmybugs.com.

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