Stop Roaches Before They Multiply

Stop Roaches Before They Multiply

Nature has provided German Roaches the means to ensure their survival in a splendid way. German roaches protect their eggs to help ensure hatching and reproduce at astounding rates.

Other Cockroach species deposit their eggs and just hope they hatch. Germans take a completely different approach that proves especially effective. Adult females carry the egg capsule protruding from the rear of the abdomen until the eggs are ready to hatch. The baby nymphs may break out of the egg capsule while it is still attached to the female, or she may deposit the capsule in crevices or other protected locations where the young will be able to find food and safety when they emerge. The German Roach is the only common house-infesting species that carries the egg capsule for such an extended period. This egg carrying trait is important because it very effectively prevents the eggs from being destroyed and ensures maximum survival of the young.

German Roaches are among the fastest reproducing roaches. Adult females can produce from four to eight egg capsules in their lifetime. Each capsule contains  30-48 eggs. The eggs usually take only 20-30 days to hatch (shorter at warmer temperatures like inside a home under a refrigerator–above 77°F). Formation of the next egg capsule usually begins within a couple weeks.  This means German Roaches can reproduce many times faster than mice! Nymphs (babies) reach adulthood in 40-125 days depending on diet quality, crowding, temperatures, etc. and adults can live up to a year.

Egg carrying patterns and rapid reproduction rates allow German Roaches to quickly infest a home. Don’t take chances with your family’s health.

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